This is a small demo of some shots I worked on at Duran before the project aborted and the facility shutdown due to financial problems. The movie was then restarted and completed at Walking the dog in belgium. None of these effects were part of the final movie.


Some work I did for the pilot of the movie picture Soul Man. All fluids and particles done in Maya and rendered with Mentalray. Pre-compositing with Nuke. Rigid bodies done in Houdini by Vincent Houze and Milo Riccarand.


These are few shots I worked on Despicable Me. I was in charge of look dev FX for shrink ray and freeze ray on that show, but also worked on various kind of effects from basic lightnings to wispy smoke. All effects and interactions passes in this demo were handled in maya and rendered with mental ray. I didn't work on the iceblocks and clouds shown in this reel.